A cold whisper of the night turns colder and colder as time flows by like a peaceful river. Trembling bushes seem to call out for help, but it is unable to be heard. A fire in among the green bush is seen and two other people, a man and a woman. They are holding nothing, except for the torn clothes on their back.

The man, looking in his twenties, almost moves his lips to comment on something, but didn’t since he is almost too weak to even speak. The woman, also looking in her twenties, notices this and sighs.

The forest is usually packed with resources, but it is the time of cold. Animals sleep, waters freeze, and the American Indians are hiding because they know that the time of cold is dangerous, especially at night. The ‘game’ of survival is happening between some animals, and any person that wander in the forest might get killed in the middle of the ‘game’.

The night eventually passes after many wolf howls and attempts to hunt…

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